Cardio Boxing / Kickboxing

  • Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing in San Jose CA, Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing near Eastside San Jose CA, Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing near Downtown San Jose CA, Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing near Milpitas CA

Our boxing and kickboxing classes are the most innovative classes you will find; they are designed to get you into shape as if you were going to step into the ring.

This intense workout will target every muscle in your body, which is what has made boxing & kickboxing so popular! Boxing and kickboxing provides the BEST workout that challenges you every time you step into the gym. These types of workouts will assist in toning every part of your body, as well as gaining mental fortitude!

Each trainer brings their own unique style to their class, combining calisthenics, bag-work, and partner-drills to the class! It is this formula that has elevated hundreds of member’s fitness levels!

Benefits of boxing and kickboxing:
  • The Ultimate Workout
  • Confidence
  • Self-defense
  • Weight loss
  • Strong heart
  • Strong bones and muscles
  • Stress reliever

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