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Now more than ever we want our children to grow up independent, healthy, physically fit, and with high self esteem. Our Youth Programs provide that unique formula lacking in many other youth activities.

LIL CHAMPS (ages 4-7)

Lil Champs teaches the fundamentals of Boxing (stance, punches, defense, footwork, etc.) in a way children can relate to and embrace. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a child’s face when they have mastered a new skill.


This is one our newer youth classes that focuses on conditioning young athletes! They will learn and use basic boxing techniques that are incorporated in the class. They will learn how to perform specific exercises to bettering their overall fitness level. They will also train every muscle in their body to get maximum results. They will train like a world champion to become future world champions in and out the ring!

YOUTH BOXING 101 & 102 (ages 8-up)

Our youth boxing programs begins in the 101 & 102 classes. This is where they learn the fundamentals: boxing stance, offense, defense, footwork, & work ethic. There is no sparring in this class, the participants are in the beginning stage of boxing and must grasp the fundamentals prior to sparring. The participants will be introduced to boxing essentials; jump roping, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, mitt work, & conditioning. Every student begins their journey in these classes before advancing to the Academy.

ACADEMY (ages 8-up)

The Academy is where advanced concepts are introduced! The students learn advanced topics: strategy, advanced offense, advanced defense, countering, advanced footwork & championship level work ethic. Sparring is required for this class to see if the student is grasping the techniques and can apply them in real situations. Students continue to master the boxing essentials listed above and must be able to work independently

In the Academy, the students have the opportunity to compete in Sanctioned USA Boxing events. Gyms throughout California regularly host these events to give young inspiring boxers the chance to gain and demonstrate their talents.

Our Youth-friendly Trainers bring out the best of every Student

Connect with their training and in the end gives them a better sense of self accomplishment. When they improve, when they win, they feel they pulled their weight and did it on their own, not just as part of a team.

That sense of self reward and achievement is priceless.

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