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Personal Training at Cali Boxing & Fitness (CBF) is the best and fastest way to changing and improving your life!

Personal training is centered around your physical fitness using a variety of physical movements, and behavioral changes to help individuals reach their personal goals! It is 1-on-1 training with one of our qualified, motivating, & knowledgeable trainers!

Our trainers are well-rounded in all fascist of fitness, not solely boxing or kickboxing. They can help you improve strength, endurance, body composition, boxing, or kickboxing.

Our trainers will develop a safe & result driven fitness program plan to help reach your personal goals! This program will include a detailed nutrition plan to help in those behavioral changes to maximize weight loss & performance.

The roll of your personal trainer

  • Analyze your current physical condition
  • Design a program specific to your needs and goals
  • Motivate you to reach your goals
  • Make sure that you are using proper form and technique
  • Make your workout program tough but fun!
  • Change your program periodically to keep it fresh and to optimize results

PT sessions range from 30-60 minutes and can be 1-4 times per week depending on how many sessions a person purchases.

The best way to get optimal results and achieve your fitness goals fast is to have your own personal trainer motivate you and customize a personal training program suited just for your needs.

Call now to get pricing on our packages and set up a consultation with one of our trainers and see what what they can do to change your life.

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