What Our Gym Offers


Kids / Youth Program

Now more than ever we want our children to grow up independent, healthy, physically fit, and with high self esteem. Our Youth Programs provide that unique formula lacking in many other youth activities.



Cardio Boxing / Kickboxing

Our boxing and kickboxing classes are the most innovative classes you will find; they are designed to get you into shape as if you were going to step into the ring.

This intense workout will target every muscle in your body, which is what has made boxing & kickboxing so popular! Boxing and kickboxing provides the BEST workout that challenges you every time you step into the gym. These types of workouts will assist in toning every part of your body, as well as gaining mental fortitude!



Strength and Conditioning

High intensity cardio training is an excellent way to burn a high number of calories in a short amount of time, however if you are looking to change your body composition to its full potential, Strength & Conditioning is the class you need to take!

We use strength training with a variety of new techniques to maximize results. You will use exercises accompanied with resistance to strengthen and condition your muscles, improve muscle tone, and endurance!



Adult Boxing 101

If you are looking to take your boxing to the next level, then Adult Boxing 101 is the class for you! This class is technical and specific to the art of boxing. The goal of the class is to master your skills AS IF you were preparing for your first professional fight.

The student will go beyond simply punching the bag or mitts. They will practice advanced techniques: strategy, shadow boxing, offense, defense, countering, footwork, angling & work ethic.



Private Training

Personal Training at Cali Boxing & Fitness (CBF) is the best and fastest way to changing and improving your life!

Personal training is centered around your physical fitness using a variety of physical movements, and behavioral changes to help individuals reach their personal goals! It is 1-on-1 training with one of our qualified, motivating, & knowledgeable trainers!




We like to give our members the perfect balance of fitness at Cali Boxing & Fitness, and that is prevalent in our boot camp classes! Three days of the week they are strengthening their body with our full-body workouts. The class utilizes weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX ropes, battle ropes, air bikes, rowers, medicine balls, etc., to strengthen every muscle in your body! Training the body in this manner helps in building stronger muscles & burn fat!


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